The Lana Dahl Experience

Collision Clients

I had a Motor Vehicle Accident which involved my car flipping over and left me hanging by my seatbelt! I spent a good part of the afternoon in the emergency room and after multiple tests I made it home though I could hardly walk. I was in extreme pain and after a few days I realized I needed Lana Dahl. She came over to my home the next day as I could not leave my room. She came 3 mornings a week, treated me on my bed, guided me with my self-care in the healing process. 6 weeks later I felt better than I had prior to the accident. Lana is an angel.
N. B.



I had an auto accident and was receiving massage. After some time, my therapist recommended I receive CranioSacral therapy since the back pain, neck and upper shoulder pain I experienced wasn’t going away. Surprisingly, during the first session Lana Dahl treated me sitting up and mostly worked on my right shoulder – I felt much better when the session was over.

The next day I went to my chiropractor. I told him I had had a CranioSacral session the day before. He thought that was great. As he was working on my spine, he started laughing out loud. I asked him why he was laughing.

He said, “You know your spine was rotated before, now it’s all in alignment.”

Then I told him: “she treated me sitting up”.

He said “That’s brilliant – treating while in the same position the body was in when it received the blow. I didn’t know anyone who would do that! What’s her name and number?”

That was just the beginning of several great sessions with Lana. I highly recommend her sessions – she is very versatile and loves helping people get well now.
B. Z.



I’d been suffering from neck and back pain from a car accident for several months. I’d had chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy, and was still in significant pain. After the first treatment with Lana I felt amazing relief, after several weeks I was able to begin regular motions and regained elements of my life routine that had been impossible after the accident, such as laundry, the dishes, and walking my dog. If you’ve been hurt due to an accident or are just feeling out of balance physically I’d recommend Lana’s healing touch. The treatment I received from Lana was amazing.
D. J.



Lana has given me relief from the pain I have had since my auto accident a year and a half ago. I now can fully breathe with an open and relaxed chest. I can now look over my shoulder with no pain. Her methods are very calming and soothing with fantastic results. I only wish I had found her right after my accident.
K. M.


Trauma Clients

My daughter J was having trouble with a condition we simply call “the throat thing”. She felt as though she was going to throw-up and this in turn gave her MUCH anxiety. It became so severe that it was difficult to get her to school and once there, it was hard to get her to want to stay. Often J’s condition would be accompanied with stomach pain. J had many tests and we saw various doctors but nothing seemed to help.

When I met Lana Dahl, she told me she was able to work with her clients to rid them of both their pains and anxieties. Well those were just the words I’d been looking for and even though the technique sounded less conventional I was willing to try. After all, the conventional had failed us so far.

When I brought my daughter in to meet Lana I could tell J felt comfortable almost right away. Lana has an extremely relaxed and gentle way about her that is very soothing. She really took her time in the very first visit with my daughter to make her feel at ease and understand the process. When we came in for our first appointment J had had a stomachache for several days in a row (worse than usual). By the end of the session her stomachache was gone! Lana knew just by touch not only where J’s pain was but also the moment it stopped.

Since J has met Lana, she is able to attend school and go about life without the “throat thing” and stomach pains. When she has an occasional flare up we rush to Lana to get her back to normal. She is very comfortable with Lana and looks forward to her visits. Lana is able to sense and feel exactly what her body needs. I highly recommend Lana to anyone but would like people to know how incredibly great she is with children. Thank you Lana Dahl, you have changed our lives!
J. M.



Having suffered over ten years with bipolar disorder and an anxiety disorder I was not having an easy time of my first pregnancy. The hormonal, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes were not taking place for me as gracefully as I’d hoped. My experience had been extremely and intensely dark internally and I couldn’t find much of a break. Having already tried everything I could think up I didn’t place much expectation on the idea that a session with Lana could help me and honestly I was out of energy and money to chase rainbow solutions. I called because I remembered Lana’s card in my purse from seven months ago which says:

“Lana Dahl — When nothing else works”

The morning after the first session I woke up and distinctly noticed a change. I hadn’t woken up in a jolt of panic and anxiety and the intense pain that had been in my chest for five months had lessened. Throughout that day and over the next few days the clouds continued to part and the events that came into my life helped lift me out of the pain and struggle. I felt I could make it through the last six months of my pregnancy. Three days later I had a second session following which the improvement continued a the same pace.

My third session with Lana was a couple of weeks after the birth of my daughter. Again I woke up to a dramatic change in my state of being and an awareness of an opening into a state

of consciousness which for the first time I could deliberately choose in each moment. I was shown in clarity that the choice belonged to me to operate in this new consciousness. It brought deep peace, fulfillment and vitality into every area of my life. I had been striving for this for more than ten years and I am so grateful for Lana’s kindness and gift which has so greatly assisted and catalyzed my process and this turning point in my journey. Thank you Lana



I met Lana during one of the most challenging moments in my life. I was terribly lost, empty, and scared. I felt more like I was surviving every day rather than living. I’ve battled anxiety, depression, and insomnia for several years.

I had been to the doctor for these problems but none of their suggestions ever helped. Some of these ailments led me to unhealthy behaviors such as self-harm and alcohol dependency. I was a troubled mess, dealing with guilt and self-hate on a daily basis. To be frank, I didn’t plan on living much longer.

I’ve been prescribed a ridiculous amount of medication throughout my life, none of which have helped and most have made me worse. I’ve talked to several therapists yet I’ve never found comfort or resources to help me. I was lucky enough, however, to have an incredible support system who loved me enough to keep searching for treatments.

After one session with Lana I was filled with indescribable hope but was mostly shocked by the revelation that what I had been experiencing before was so far from what a normal person should feel.

I felt peaceful for the first time in my life! Immediately afterwards I noticed my sleeping schedule wasn’t nearly as erratic, I didn’t feel so hopeless and I was able to halt my negative thinking in a way I had never before known was possible.

I’m not sure I can explain what happens during my sessions as I’m sure they’re unique to each individual and what is helpful to me may not be helpful to others. Sometimes I’m on the table and she’s relaxing my body in areas that I didn’t know were tense. Other times we’ll talk and somehow words that have been trapped in me for years will escape with just a gentle prod.

Despite the sensitive topics discussed or the vulnerable environment, I always feel safe and comfortable and not once have I ever felt judged. I’ve never experienced anything as spiritual and healing as a session with Lana. On the table, I feel cradled in God’s hands. Lana is one of the most genuine and beautiful souls I’ve ever met and I’m thankful every day for the clarity I now know. I can’t begin to say how much this therapy has changed my life, I can only hope that those who are interested will immediately set up an appointment.
E. C.



Because of accidents and a lifetime of construction work, I have suffered the pain and loss of mobility in my shoulder for years! Lana explained to me what she does, but until she actually put her hands on me, and in a few short minutes reduced the pain to half of what it had been and increased the arm’s motion, she made a believer out of me! I am really looking forward to my next session with “Lana and Those Fantastic Hands”!
W. S.


Chronic Pain Clients

Lana Dahl is a clear, visionary, loving healer and guide. She personally aided me from escaping a dangerous situation while assisting my body with healing. She is able to see what is not apparent and she cares so deeply, it reaches right in.

She is a beautiful person to be around as she has a full personality alongside her intuition.

She models integration well.

Lana’s joy is palpable and her ready spirit to serve brings a lightness that is contagious.

Lana helped my body heal itself from a chemically-sensitive condition.


If you have a persistent illness or a medical mystery, I highly recommend Lana.
Grateful B.



As I walked into Lana’s office bent over, on the arm of my husband, I knew I did not appear to be the strong, capable nurse that others leaned on. I had just been diagnosed with my 5th concussion but also had chronic problems like frequent migraines, Lyme’s disease and TMJ issues. I had been on antibiotics for several years to try to eliminate the Lyme’s disease and because of that was having significant gut discomfort. I was on many other medications as well and for years was so depleted and in pain that I spent most of my time in bed when I wasn’t working.

After meeting Lana Dahl my life completely changed. In Two to Three sessions a week for about 8 months then less frequently till a year and a half I was off all my migraine medications, my concussion healed twice as fast as usual, my jaw pain was gone and I was standing tall and healthy AND my faith in God renewed. I made the radical move to become a CranioSacral Therapist and now have an exciting practice of my own. I also moved to the place I really wanted to live. Lana is an amazing therapist, mentor and a wonderful person. Her love, compassion and skill have forever changed my life. I am eternally grateful.



I have always lived an active life. I’ve played hockey for about thirteen years, I’m usually outside hiking or swimming or something of the sort. Lately, I’ve been in training and been pushing my body very hard. For years, my sciatic nerve has been a source of pain for me. I’m 22 and many times found myself unable to get out of bed. It felt like an electric shock was being sent from my lower back to my knee and, many times, it was unbearable. I had tried various medications and treatments and stretches and after a while, just accepted that I would have to live with this pain.

After only a one half hour session with Lana, I had a hard time holding back my tears. I had no pain in my leg. I spent the next half an hour walking, jumping, and stretching – in shock that none of it caused me pain. I had become used to wincing whenever I say down, or having to support myself for my first couple steps until the pain eased.

I would recommend Lana to anyone who has resigned themselves to just dealing with their pain. Due to my amazement at the freedom I feel, I have told everyone I’ve come in contact with about the change I felt. I’m sure I will be telling many more people, but for the meantime, I’m going to go for a run and for the first time in many years, I’ll do so pain-free.

Thank you, Lana!


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CranioSacral Therapy is frequently sought after for collision injuries


CranioSacral Therapy is frequently sought after for head, spine or body trauma

chronic pain

CranioSacral Therapy is frequently sought after for chronic pain