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Your Session with Lana Dahl

Your session takes place in a quiet office. It begins when you make the appointment. She will observe and listen to you. She will answer all questions you may have about what she does and what you can expect.

Note: Most sessions are 1 hour of hands on. Others want to speed up their healing so schedule longer and/or more frequent sessions.

A hands-on session is performed while you are lying fully clothed on a massage table while Lana stands or sits, in various positions at various times throughout the session. Should you be working with the Pulse Technique©, you would be seated on a comfortable sofa with Lana seated across from you to do the work.

Experiences during a session are as individual and varied as the clients themselves are in any given moment. No two sessions are ever the same. There is no need to “try to relax”. Your treatment will facilitate your relaxing from the inside out. She is continually evaluating and listening. The hands-on treatment is done using a very light touch – about the weight of a nickel to start.

Often people deeply relax and will even sleep; at other times, you may talk or ask questions. You may hardly notice her evaluation and treatment, or other times you may experience sensations – it’s all perfect.

Throughout the session, she will support a specific area of your body/spine or head/neck/arms or legs while facilitating the “unwinding” or letting go of tensions and holding patterns. These tensions affect the whole body. These processes are called energy cyst releases and positional tissue release or “unwinding”. Lana facilitates you with ease and lets the body totally guide what she does. You may or may not feel what is happening.

After a Session. Just as individuals experience their sessions differently, the immediate results can be diverse as well. You may sleep a lot that night. Or you may experience an increase in energy. Reduction of pain or an increase in function may occur immediately during or after the session, or it may develop gradually over the next few days or weeks. Your session enhances the body’s natural healing processes, so it isn’t unusual for improvement to continue weeks after the session. For some there may be a reorganization phase in the first 24 hours as the body adapts to the release of previously held patterns.


Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

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